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Sock It Up Socks are crafted using the finest combed cotton and Bamboo to create iconic designs that represent every lifestyle.


   After a decade of worldwide experience in the sock world, 
JYinstyle decided it was time to launch a sock line that would not only feel great but convey every individual’s personality.  

   First step was picking a name that would represent our brand.

   Our creative director Xochitl Avila has been in the fashion industry for several years and knows the ups and downs of fashion. At times you have to suck it up and keep going. What better way to convey strength, creativity, and resilience. Sock It Up because at times you 
have to suck it up and why not do it in comfort and style.

   We take pride in our brand and designs that are inspired by historic and current global textiles, patterns and motifs all over the world. 



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